The students at ISAPZURICH become skilled in the classical concepts and attitudes of C. G. Jung, for example:

  • Access to the unconscious and its potential for transformation
  • The understanding of complexes, archetypes and symbols appearing in dreams, fairy tales, myths and imagination.
  • Further fields of knowledge investigating psychic life, such as the Word Association Experiment, typology, sand play, alchemy, philosophy, ethnology and religion.
  • The relevance of neuroscience, working with trauma, psychoanalysis, developmental psychology, body work and psychiatry.
An essential part of the program is to experience the unconscious in a training analysis and to develop the personality through the individuation process. This aspect of the training is invaluable for the profession as well as for all of life.

The training program takes place in Zurich where Jung lived and his work evolved. Students may visit the Psychology Club, the archives of the ETH, ”Burghölzli”, his house in Küsnacht, the tower in Bollingen, and other places where his Genius Loci resides.

ISAPZURICH students may choose from a large number of experienced and internationally well-known training analysts. Courses are offered in English and German, and training analysis and supervision are offered in many other languages as well. Students and training analysts come from over 20 foreign countries and from a variety of backgrounds. This contributes to a unique and culturally rich experience.

ISAPZURICH is the training institute of AGAP (Association of Graduate Analytical Psychologists). The international and Swiss diplomas are recognized by the IAAP (International Association of Analytical Psychologists). AGAP is a founding member of the IAAP with training status.

ISAPZURICH’s Swiss training program is recognized as a federally accredited psychotherapeutic training by the Federal Department for Internal Affairs (EDI).



Being able to train as a Jungian analyst in Zurich, and especially at an institute that offers a daily schedule of coursework and colloquia throughout two regular academic semesters, is a dream that should not be considered impossible because it is beyond the financial reach of gifted and qualified but not financially privileged students. It is crucial that this dream be realized. The purpose of the foundation is to ensure this possibility by supporting the work of The International School of Analytical Psychology in Zurich (ISAPZURICH) and by providing financial assistance to students who show promise of excellence as future analysts.

Jungian International Training Zurich (JITZ) was created in 2008 by several members of AGAP (Association of Graduate Analytical Psychologists, a member society of the IAAP), who wanted a vehicle through which they and others would be able to provide tax-deductible financial support for full-time, English language Jungian psychoanalytic training in Zurich. This type of training has been an historical tradition in Zurich since 1948, and it is maintained today by the International School of Analytical Psychology (ISAPZURICH), a training institute founded by AGAP in 2004. ISAPZURICH offers three paths to training, the International Full Residence (IFR), the International Part Residence (IPR) and the Swiss Diploma (CH-Program). You can find the details of these programs by clicking here.

In addition to soliciting private donations to support ISAPZURICH, JITZ founded and sponsors a North American based conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, which features topics and speakers related to its overarching theme: Civilization in Transition. Proceeds from this event become part of JITZ funds for assisting students’ training at ISAPZURICH. Visit the CIT Conference website here.

JITZ has contributed to the quality of training at ISAPZURICH in several ways: by subsidizing filmed interviews with a number of senior training analysts for the historical archives (visit the ISAPZURICH YouTube channel here); by subsidizing the amount Diploma Candidates can earn as part of their training when providing analytic services to clients with limited means; by setting up a pictures archive. Other proposals for enhancing the quality of training are regularly considered by JITZ throughout the year as the organization strives to stay closely attuned to the needs and desires of students and faculty.

Please consider contributing to this important mission by designating a portion of your year-end charitable giving to the Foundation. Your tax-deductible donation will be used to support and enrich the training of our students, ensuring that our faculty can produce the next generation of Jungian analysts.

For details on how to donate, click here!

Financial Support for ISAPZURICH Students
Financial assistance from JITZ to students at ISAP comes in the form of loans, not scholarships, and is limited to the amount of tuition. These loans are granted on a semester by semester basis. If you are a student in need of financial support for your training and you have been a Matriculated Auditor and/or in the Diploma Program for at least two semesters at ISAP, you may apply as follows:

Provide a letter clarifying the amount of assistance and for which semester, along with two letters of recommendation from ISAPZURICH Faculty other than your analyst. Please send to the JITZ Treasurer at treasurer@jitzurich.org.